[24.06.2014] - End of the golden time
Víkend za námi.
Pro open byl až do soboty vydařeným představením. V sobotu jsme vyhráli všechny zápasy. Neděle se bohužel nepovedla. V semifinále jsme prohráli s Figurkami Slonů 10:9. O třetí misto jsme se utkali s Yellow Blockem a taktéž prohráli.
Jednou to muselo skončit, i kdyz těch 8 let bylo fantastických. Přejeme vítězům Terrible Monkyes k jejich titlulu a zárověň dodáváme, že příští rok jim budeme nejtěžšími soupeři :).
Ženská část prošla celkem hladce až do finále, tam ale nestačila na Yellow Block.
Máme tedy co vracet .....

[10.10.2013] - XEUCF Bordeaux - open (12/24)
After a four years break when Silence was the only open team representing Czech Republic in the European competition, Prague Devils managed to send their own teams in both women and open divisions.
Due to the Austrian club breakdown this year, three Czech teams quilified for the final tournament in Bordeaux. Apart from Devils it was FUJ and Tree Monkeys.
So over sixty players travelled twenty hours in huge bus through half Europe and everybody enjoyed it as much as the drivers allowed us.
And enjoying was about to continue for the next four days. Our eighteen players roster was traditionally enriched by Pirat and Mara, for Bordeaux we have added a junior player Dominik. Which turned out to be a great addition as Dominik scored a vast majority of the offensive points.
We considered our playable with young Belgian team Mooncatchers (who we know well from many previous tournaments) and British Ka-Pow (who did not know at all but we sort of hoped they had been seeded lower for a reason). These first two games were not easy but we controlled them and became first in the pool - as the only Czech team still with a chance to advance to the top eight.
The next pool consisted of Devon (GB), Fire of London (GB) and Uprising (PL). The first two in the pool went to the pre-quarters so we knew we could effort only to loose once - and if, than probably to high seeded Fire.
But already the first game did not go quite our way. Despite leading for most of the game we lost some points just in the end and let the game go with 13:14 loss. So we had to beat Fire. And so we did. To our big surprise. After a tight first half Fire started to make mistakes - some miscommunication forced by our junk D and some shocking unforced errors - and we took a five-point advantage leading to 15:10 win.
Our hope for the first place in the pool was still alive. We only had to beat the Polish - who had won Maribor and earlier beaten us in Sardice but we still believed we can take them down this time. They started the game with some quick scores but were unable to keep the speed fot all the game. As they were running out of juice and started to give away point after point we took the game 15:8. A quick check of the next game result prove that Fire took over Devon and the first place was ours. And Saturday pre-qarters against Chevron with it.
The warm-up for the pre-qarters happened under the stadium lights as there was still dark and as the game start approached we even got some rain and wind. Definitely more British that Czech weather - which is arguably the most overused excuse for the result that followed still truth!
We were able to force a turnover maybe three times in the first point including just a couple of meters from the goal line but we were not able to convert any of these turnovers to a break point. And that is how it went for most of the game. We had enough chances to win the game but our D line only scored once and we lost badly 9:15. The whole game was streamed online and the package of recorded games including this one is available for five Euros here:
So all there was left for us was to fight fro the ninth place. The first elimination game of the lower pool was (for the fifth time in three days) against a British team - this time form Brighton. They had just won a universe point against the Czech team FUJ. They started off with some good deep shots but then our junk started to work well and together with our flawless offence were able to win the biggest elimination step 15:11.
One before last game was a rematch with Mooncathers. The game was delayed due to a beautiful storm but as our game was scheduled on the artificial turf the quality of the surface was not affected. Yet the opponent seemed to evolve through the tournament. What was a relatively easy win the first day turned into a hard fight for each point. Very little mistakes by the Belgian offence were not punished by our D line and towards the end of the game we were not even able to make a real pressure. Our offence worked still pretty well but the few errors was enough to bitterly loose the game 13:15. (side note: Mooncatchers were apparently so happy to finally beat us that they got proudly drunk that night and lost the placing game next day 6:15 to Fire of London).
A sweet surprise for the end of the tournament was to see that we were about to play Ragnarok for the 11th place. The Danish team was third in last year EUCF and as the only European team represented the continent at US Open this year. But this tournament apparently did not quite get the way they would like.
We managed to take some breaks in the end of the first half and Ragnarok started to look resigned. With the score 12:7 we thought they were not able to get together for a big comeback. But then a light breeze picked up a and our O line started to make a ridiculous number of drops and throwaways. The Danes smelled a chance. The must have mutely decided to improve the overall feeling from the tournament because the energy was suddenly all on their side. And so came the shameful finish when we lost 13:14 and took the 12th place.
But even such a finish could not spoil the great impression we all took from the trip. We played as a big team, almost did not cut the lines, the chemistry on the field worked great and hopefully everybody learned a lot. The place in the first half is the best of all Czech teams (FUJ 18th, Tree Monkeys 21st) and even though were within reach of the 9th place, the final result is by no means a disappointment.
Now the tough winter follows. We will hit the track and gym and four letters will be in our heads: W U C C.

[17.09.2013] - Triple defended
So we have completed all the three outdoor titles! After the open & women championships in June we have added the mixed title this weekend. This time without any big drama, only with one loss to FUJ in the pool play. But we controlled all the three elimination games by gaining a gentle lead in the beginning and maintaining it until the end. Respect to the finalists FUJ who never gave up despite being down by four points they managed to come back towards the end and made the finale game worth waching. The last point to 13:11, however, was ours and the confirmation of last year's triple title with it.

[31.08.2013] - 2013 season recap
So ok, we stayed little behind this year with translations. Here we give you a short summary of what we achieved this season.

1st qualifier for nationals (Havlickuv Brod): OPEN 3rd, WOMEN 1st
This year we decided to send only one team in each division to the league tournaments and test the whole roster. Open team with 16 men sliced smoothly through the Saturday pool games but crashed in the finals. Tree Monkeys used all our mistakes and did not let us into the finals. We got 3rd after winning over Yellow block.
Women took some tight wins on Saturday and remained unbeaten for the rest of the tournament.

Rising pot, Poland: WOMEN 1st
Our women team travelled to Poland by their own to gain some experience for the European league. To their little disappointment they did not meet the level of competition they hoped for. They won the tournament with no real challenges.

2nd league, Malsice: OPEN 3rd, WOMEN 2nd
A tournament we are proud to organize. This year the hero team in open division was Figurky slonu. Not only did thay beat incomplete Tree Monkeys in the pool play but they stopped us in the semifinal. For the second time we had to take only the third place.
Women advanced to the finals but were outplayed by Seven Monkeys.

Disc Says Cologne: OPEN 2nd
For the first time did we sign up for a quality German tournament in Cologne. The long journey was worth it. We started off well winning over the defending champions Heidees. We met them again in what turned to be an exciting final. Both teams had the universe point in their hands but Heidees deserved to take the 13:12 victory. You can watch the final here:

EUCQ Sardice: OPEN 5th, WOMEN 2nd
A qualifier for the EUCS Regionals. Not the best success for the open team. We played through the whole roster and lost some tight games. Fifth place was enough to qualify but not much to be proud of.
Women playd well as always and only lost to the Hot Beaches in the final.

Czech nationals: DOUBLE DEFENDED
Both women and open team defended the national title. And it was easy. Women lost two games on Saturday but came back strong and took both of the rematches on Sunday. Open only lost to Tree Monkeys on Saturday and had realy hard time to come back from 9:11 to 12:11 victory in the semifinal. We won the final against FUJ in a universe point 12:11.
OPen final:
Women final:

Banana cup: OPEN 3rd, WOMEN 4th
Both open and women teams were weaker and did not have enough players. However, the open team made it all the way to the semifinal which they lost by one point with Tree Monkeys. Will we ever beat them this season?! (Yes, we will)

EUCR Maribor: OPEN 4TH (3rd), WOMEN 1ST
This years regionals were largely affected by the WJUC in Canada followed by the EJUC in Germany. Due to these major events some of the Austrians were not able to send their teams which decreased the level of competition. Women's division only held 4(!) teams - one of them out of competiton so all of them were qualified and competed only for the seeding. This does not make our womens second consecutive victory less valuable!
The open team finally won over Tree Monkeys in the pool game. But then we lost Austrin The BigEz and in a three-way-tie went down to the lower pool. The only way to qualify was to win everything including the Sunday recovery. And so we did! In a tight game against Hungarians we got a helping hand from the tropical heat - we just lasted longer and were able to take the end of the game. Same story in the recovery game - again with Tree Monkeys. Both teams had had enough. It was a fight of will and fitness that we won 15:10.
The BigEZ later dropped their spot which shifted us to the 3rd place and made the 7th game of the tournament more or less pointless.

So hey, here we go! Mixed nationals in September and two weeks later - XEUCF in Bordeaux. 3 open and 2 women teams qualified from Czech republic which is a huge bus with 60 players plus some cars travelling through half of Europe. Sounds like lots of fun!

[08.03.2013] - And there we go – 2013!
The opening tournament of the year – the Prague Winter (5 on 5, artifitial turf, air-supported hall). Our open team came to defend last years title but failed badly. With decreasing mental powers ater loosing the quarters we dropped down to the 8th place and were not particularly happy about it. However, the women came stronger than last year and won the whole thing!
Another turf – this time 7 on 7 in Budapest, the tournament called Seven. Our first outdoor (almost) international tournament of the year with a chance to play some of our future competors in the EUCS. With only ten players we started by loosing the first game but then realized the level we need to play, got into the finals and won it over the Polish Uprising.
Excited to play on a big field we had to finish the indoor competition first, before we get really onto the grass. The indoor open+women nationals took place the last weekend of February. The open team won the title and the women got third. Not bad. Bring it on!

[08.03.2013] - Ok, so what happend since the 2012 Nationals?
In July we got third in the AtruCup legendary beerrace and than lost the finals to Yellow Fever.
Great succes did we bring from the international Banana cup in As (run by Terrible Monkeys). Both women and open team dominated and got the trophy – what a confirmation of the Nationlas!
Players from our open team played the European tour (EUCS) for the team Silence but our women continued with their great season and qualified for the final tournament the best possible way – by winning the EUCR in Maribor.
Full house! The mixed nationals in Ceske Budejovice in September brought home the only remaining outdoor title. Plus our B-team played extraordinarly and placed fifth – best of the B-teams and better than some traditional A-teams (as the domestic 3SB).
The EUCF (the European club finals) in Frankfurt went way bellow the hopes of our women team (PDf). The pressure of a big tournament with only big games against the big teams was there. Tenth out of ten is not encouraging but the most important thing happend: we qualified, we were able to bring a big enough squad and we were able to get as much experience as we would never get through the whole year.
The end of the 2012 outdoor season found us in what we got used to call the Czech Kimle – the domestic version of a famous Hungarian outdoor farewell. Despite all the hot wine consumed through the weekend we managed to win even this not-so-serious tournament.

[27.06.2012] - 2012 - Double!
Approximately 40%. That’s how many people guessed on the survey that Prague Devils would get the title in both divisions this year. Open team wanted to extend their unprecedented chain of six consecutive victories and the women felt like it was their time to alternate the Yellow Fever on the top after many years. The qualification rounds, however, showed that the competition was notably higher this year. In open, the four strong teams from Prague equated one another and skipped away from the rest of the country. But we had to count with the rest two teams from the elite division too – PeaceEgg and Velka Morava. In Women, a new team came into being by merging two Prague teams – Prague Seven and Terrible Monkeys. The Seven Monkeys were widely considered as the main adepts for the title. All the guesses, tips and doubts were to be cleared during one weekend.
Our open team with fifteen players wanted to stay on the safe side and started up the weekend with an easy win over Velka Morava 15:5. Women started against the same team’s women and won similarly 15:6. The following open game was to be the toughest one – either we advance directly to the semi-finals as the pool winners or we have to play a Sunday morning quarters. This game was against the Tree Monkeys. And we started rather badly. Our offense was too shy, we handled the disc for too long, our cuts were not convincing and we were losing too many discs in front of our endzone. Soon the score was 4:10 and there was no way to get back into the game. We were able to cause some trouble towards the end but still lost 9:14. The quarter-final would be against the winner of the recovery game PeaceEgg vs. Figurky Slonu.
Women’s second game of the game is against Seven Monkeys. Unlike the men, Prague devils women play very well in the beginning and soon gain a good lead 10:6. Towards the end, though, they are losing their powers and Monkeys almost even the score to 10:9. Devils manage to win this one 12:10, they are first in the pool and advance straight to the semi-final against Velka Morava. Yellow Block, one of the main favourites for the title, plays without their twins this weekend, looses the quarter-final to Velka Morava and surprisingly takes only fifth place in the end.
Our women show us the way up through the whole tournament. This time in the semi-final they repeat their pool victory against Velka Morava and take the game 15:9 after having the game in their hands for most of the time. The open semi-final promised a nice game to both play and watch. Both teams saw this as a rematch of the last year’s final (Prague Devils had won by one point after three consecutive breaks in the time cap) and wanted to put everything into the game. We started up with offence, scored down the wind and took the first possible break of the game by scoring up the wind. FUJ seemed to have problem with our zone defence and gave us a few opportunities to break their offence. We did not use all of them but we scored our points safely and took the halftime 8:6. We stay fired up for the second half. Kawa and Milan cover the huck attempts and we are up 11:8. FUJ take the next possible break when the time is over and the score is 11:9, game to 12. We lose our up-wind offence and start to be a little bit worried. But our next attempt is successful and we take the game 12:10. We did not allow FUJ any deep play through the whole game, which, together with the tough defence towards the disc, was a key to the victory.
In Women, Seven Monkeys won their semi-final over FUJ 15:11 and got a chance for rematch against our women in the final. This was a fourth game of the weekend for Prague Devils against only two teams. Devils and Monkeys met four times in the qualifying rounds and the result was always tight. This time, as always, Devils started with some good deep plays and a zone defence. In the second half they started lose a point after point and soon what seemed to be a safe lead 8:4 turned into a drama. An important moment of the game was a fifteen-minute long point with approximately five chances for Monkeys to score up the wind. Finally Devils managed to pull down the deep and regained their confidence. Their final victory 11:9 was a commitment for the open team to try and get double for Devils after some years.
Prague Devils-women were improving through the whole season. They got over the absence of the past-years star players and built up a compact team. They did not lack the lust for victory and this year’s gold is a good reward for the successful season. But it is not over yet – the next stop is at EUCR in Maribor!
The open final is Prague Devils against Yellow Block. Block had some troubles this weekend winning all their games just by one point. Nobody seriously believed they would make it through the semis against strong Tree Monkeys (the Monkeys beat the Devils after all!). But the extra morning game seemed to play in their favour. They narrowed down their roster and, characteristically, won by one point 14:13. This was clear message for us not to underestimate them. We started with our proven zone defence but Block, despite some difficulties, got through and, in addition, they got the first break after we had not been able to pull down our up-wind deep shot. Down 0:2 we had to step up with a strong man defence. Mojza gets a block on their huck and we have chance to tighten the score at 5s. We lose the disc couple of times in front of our endzone but with a tough D we do not allow Yellow Block to score this one down the wind. Finally we score the contact point and the half time (which is after 45 minutes this time) is at 6:6. The second half starts well for us as we score our offence and get the next break, going up to 8:6. But Yellow Block does not want to give up. They strike back and with the score 8:8 this is still some game to watch. We get some Ds but are not able to convert them – the time runs out at 10:10, game to 12. Prague Devils with an offence up the wind. We score. Follows a great pull to the back corner of their endzone and before they pick it up we are there with an aggressive man defence. Only with big difficulties the manage to get in front of their endzone but than we finally get the disc for ourselves and soon our hammer finds an unguarded player who catches it for our SEVENTH consecutive title.
Both teams played selflessly and performed the best they could. We were able to convert the hard trainings into the two first places. GO DEVILS!

[19.06.2012] - The second qualifier 2012 - OPEN
Almost traditionally we couldn't use the main field in Malšice on Saturday morning because of the rain, so we had merged the A- and B-teams to allow schedule-planners to deal with that. So we had 18 players including some very rare and experienced (like Papa).
We managed to win both group games on Saturday- against 3SB (11:7) and Atruc (15:6). The quarterfinal on Sunday morning was against Prague Seven and we advanced further after 15:5 win. But then we clashed against FUJ, who made stronger team than they did in Humpolec, and lost the game to them (7:15). Needless to say, that the mood wasn't really high after that. So the last game we played for the 3rd place against Tree Monkeys A. They had amazing attitude, were eager for every disc and deserved their win (14:10).
So we ended on 4th place and received a strong warning before the Finals. Let's hope we learn from that.

[01.06.2012] - EUCQ-C OPEN- Šardice 2012
It was decided several months ago that we will be tyro team for Silence. As part of that Silence requested several of our best players to play with them. Nevertheless we were looking for the great ultimate.
Our first game was against Lezér Pavák 2 from Hungary, whom we have beaten quite easily 13:7. Then we played against the Czech junior representation called Trouble band, but won 11:3 without much trouble (:-0). They even allowed Jarda to catch a Callahan goal. Last of the group games was the best one against Uprising from Poland. It ended in the final deciding point, which was fortunately scored by us so we won 9:8
Semifinal game was against Lezér Pavák A-team and was 100% better than the morning game against their B-team. It was great intense game highlighted by Ludva's Callahan goal. Unfortunately the last point (final deciding, again) was marked by several calls, that we didn't agree with and which allowed them to keep possession of the disc. They managed to score the point and thus sent us to the battle for 5th place on Sunday. So we had to beat Velká Morava 11:6 and then Girls stay home from Poland 14:9.
So we claimed the 5th place and would have advanced to the next round in Maribor, have we not been Silence tyro team. Well, maybe next year we will :-)

[29.04.2012] - The first qualifier 2012 - OPEN
The outdoor season has finally started. The first Czech league tournament wasn't organized by us (as opposed to previous years), but by Yellow fever in Humpolec. And this time we didn't have two teams in the tournament, but only one, so we had luxury of 15 players. The main goal was to test our tactics we practiced on training camp the weekend before.
We won all out matches in the group - against Figurky slonu (14:5), FUJ B (15:5) and Yellow Block A (14:9). That meant direct advance into quarterfinals and quiet evening. On Sunday morning we met Treemonkeys B and left them in no doubt that we will be the ones advancing further - we won 15:3. Then we clashed with second team of Yellow Block in the semifinals, but the result was almost the same as with their first team and we got into finals by winning 14:7. The final against FUJ A was certainly the highlight of this tournament. Even though they didn't have some of their best players, they were able to cause serious problems for our offense line. After several breaks on their side we were losing 4:1 early in the game. Fortunately out defense line worked perfectly and managed to overturn the score to our 14:11 win.
So the tournament showed that our tactics worked, but will they be enough once our rivals make the strongest possible teams? Only time will tell...

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