[07.02.2012] - BubblePest 2012
The vision to play normal 7-on-7 ultimate in the middle of the winter was too much for us to resist. And when we passed complicated (but surely complex :-)) selection process, we simply had to go. Saturday morning was filled with turism, because we were playing in the afternoon pool. Budapest is a great city (but Prag is still better .-)). Our first game was against Saxy Divers from Germany - we didn't give them any chance and won quite easily 13:5. After short break we had to play against The Streisands (mix of swiss and german players), who had better start of the game, then we fought back until we finally lost in the last point 8:9. Our last game was against austrian team Catchup, which we have won without severe difficulties 15:5. Second place in the pool ment semi against Good Lord! from UK. The game was even from the beginning, but series of our mistakes lost us the match 7:13. Our last game for 3rd place was against Furious Goats from Poland. Again it was intensive play with even score, none of the possible breaks were confirmed so it ended with the sudden-death last point, which wasn't unfortunatelly ours - so we lost 8:9.
So we finished this superb tournament on the 4th place, had a s$%tload of fun and got some new game experiences - they will surely come handy (hopefully on BubblePest 2013).

[25.01.2012] - B team unsuccessfull (twice)
B-team had to pass through qualifications to play the hall championships in open and mixed categories (A-team qualified automatically based on last years results).
Mixed qualification tournament took place in Brand√Ĺs nad Labem on December 17th, 2011. 3 out of 10 teams passed to the finals. Our hopes were short-lived because we won just two and lost three games and thus placed 4th in the pool. With no chance to qualify any longer, we managed to win the rest of the games and ended on the 7th place.
Open qualification took place in Dolní Cerekev on January 7th-8th, 2012. Our game was far (reeaally far :-)) from good and everybody had their personal dark moments, so we lost 5 games in a row and managed to win only the last one. Final 11th place was (unsuprisingly) not enough to pass to the finals. We must work harder.

[29.06.2011] - Sixth in a row - open national champions again!
We were seeded first for this year's open nationals after winning both qualifiers without great troubles. The top 4 is, however, very strong and even and nothing is granted, although everybody expects the finals to be Prague Devils vs. FUJ.
The venue in Pisek is a very special place for nationals with some artificial turf and an exceptionally good grass fields on the main stadium.
Our open team goes smoothly through the Saturday two pool games - against Vychodni Blok and (ok, little less smoothly in this case) Terrible Monkeys. We try our new defence again and are surprised how well it works. But the true challenge was just about to come in the elimination games on Sunday.
The first was a semifinal against Yellow Fever. They had had to play the quarters earlier that morning and this turned out to be a benefit for their start of the game. After several mistakes we found ourselves down 1:5. Finally, when we manage to score another point, we have a chance to adjust our defence and start a surprisingly easy comeback. We won even the first half and finished with a good advantage 12:8. On the next field the semifinal is one-sided through the whole game and FUJ well deserve their win 12:7.
From the very first point of the final we realize that our opponents don't lack the motivation to interrupt our string of 5 consecutive titles. They are fast and aggressive - in the best meaning of the word. They put a good straight-up mark on our handlers and we hardly ever have a chance to go deep. We lose two offences before the end of the first half and are not able to confirm any of our very few defences. The score 5:8 does not look good. Even within the team our believes decline. But this is Prague Devils and we have never been too bad in the game comebacks...
The beginning of the second half looks much better for us. We force too break points and find ourselves back in the game with the score 7:8. FUJ manage to score their points but we have our hope again. The time is over at 8:10 with us on offence and game to 11. To make it more of a drama we throw away our second pass but take it back and score. FUJ choose to score deep the next point which has been a successful strategy so far but it is just little too long for the diving receiver. We even the score with the same weapon. The universe point with us on defence. Somehow it does not look surprising that FUJ throw away their first pass. After some dump-and-swing hesitation in font of the endzone little misunderstanding happens and a hammer flies into an empty space in the endzone. Out of nowhere comes our Kawa and catches the game-winner. C H A M P I O N S!

Our women came to defend silver but they missed some key players. Jajes brings some order to the game but it is not enough for the finals. The game for the third place, however, is very tied and Devils only lose by one point finishing fourth. And AGAIN, there a SOTG price for our women!

[24.05.2011] - 2nd qualifier - DOUBLE for open, SOTG for women
Open team Prague Devils have secured the place in the 1st league already in the first qualifier in Malsice. So there was no pressure on the team in Havlickuv Brod in the weekend 21.-22.5.2011.
Our goal was to enjoy the games, try some new things and let the youngsters play as much as possible. As a matter of chance we managed not only to achieve both but to win the whole tournament as well.
The highlight of Saturday pool games was a victory over Prague fellows Yellow Fever. Their zone defense forced too many errors in our offence and we were down 7:11 when the time ran out, game to 12. We adjusted our defence then and started our improbable comeback. And yes, we won 12:11!
As a Sunday surprise we realized that our first two games were probably going to be against the same teams as on Saturday. This time we did not allow any drama and advanced to the finals.
A tough battle was expected in the finals as the guest team, Outsiterz from Slovakia, did not loose a game so far and won their semifinals over a strong FUJ squat. But soon it was clear no exciting fight was going to happen. After a 8:1 half time only few points were scored and we found ourselves winning yet another league tournament.

Our women were last out of five teams but showed a progress through the tournament which gives us a hope for much better placing in the upcoming nationals.

And last but not least: Both our teams won the SOTG!

[03.05.2011] - First league
Finally outdoors. PD organize the 1st league tournament in Malsice. 2 teams in open division and one women's team. 6 ultimate fields, lines drawing, breakfast. A-team wins the pool clearly as well as Terrible Monkeys. FUJ beats Yellow Fever 15:2 - first surprise. PeaceEgg wins the pool D over 3SB. Women not very successful beating only Atruc+3SB. Need to be more chilled. More lust and determination. Open B-team does not play too bad but only wins over B-team of Velka Morava. Recovery game against Atruc - our Bs loose.
Cleaning the fields, party, DJs, our own bar, patrolling the sleeping gym. Remaking the Sunday schedule - the footballers are afraid the morning dew will water-flood the main field. Sunday breakfast, spinning the organisation wheel again. Semifinals against FUJ. We play our new zone, one layout, throwaway, another layout and we are up 8:5. Offence after offence, defence after defence. 11:8. Game to 12. FUJ score and we throw away, 11:10. Another mistake, last point drama. Drop in the endzone. FUJ not able to score the winning point throwing away second or third pass. We win. B-teams places 11th out of 14. Women play Yellow Fever. Nice moments switched by drops and throwaways. More time needed. And will. 5th place in the end.
A-team in the final. We have only 8 players and need to work hard. 12:6. Almost done. 13:10. Now it looks interesting. Game to 14. Running out of juice. 13:12. Finally break throw into the endzone and it is over - 14:12.
Award ceremony, packing, cleaning, billing, car loading. Loads of invisible work.
Thanks for the tournament, team-mates.

[03.04.2011] - Bronze from last indoor tournament
The last indoor tournament of this season was held in Ňė√≠ńćany on the last March Sunday. It was intended for less experienced players and beginners. The system was simple round-robin as only five teams were invited.
We began with loss to Terrible Monkeys (6:8), then beat Náchodské Trubky (9:5), subsequently lost to Prague Seven (7:8) and finally won over Route 88 (8:5).
Two wins and two loses resulted in final third place. But more importantly some of us got their first experience of Ultimate tournaments and we all had really good time.

[18.02.2011] - Indoor champions 2011
Yes, we won! Again. Undefeated through the tournament the A-team advanced to the finals. Despite loosing 1:4 after a few minutes and mistakes we managed to fight back hard and win 11:9.
Our B-team finished 11th out of 14, women placed 5th out of 9.

[17.01.2011] - Beginners won FUJarna
Beginners made a great succes at FUJarna, tournament for inexperienced players, that took place in Prague on the 8th of January 2011. Our team was composed of these players: Pavel, Tom, Jenda, Milan, Ondra, Josh, Zuzka and two Atruc team enforments, Lenka and Karel. We were first! During tournament we often had problems with beginning of matches. Our effort was too low, so in few minutes the score was 0:2, 0:3 or 0:4. Luckily, we rose up again and beated all the teams, Route 88, FUJ, P7, Stormasky and in the final Kulat√° ҆achovnice. The only thing that disappointed us was Ondra's injury just in the first match.

[13.09.2010] - Silver from mixed nationals
A strong competition was expected from this year's mixed nationals. All top 5 teams - young and aggressive FUJ, fast Terrible Monkeys, big Yellow Fever with super strong women, Velka Morava with their WUCC experience and us - looked strong and any of them could possibly take the title.
Three of the five teams were in our pool but FUJ's A-team did not have their day on Saturday and let us win surprisingly easy. Terrible monkeys in the game to win the pool took an early lead 4:2. This was a moment for our time out after which we started to press with our strong defence and three break points later we were up 5:4. Both offensive teams scored almost all of their points for the rest of the game and we won 9:7. A valuable victory with only 5 tired men on the roster.
Two more men arrived for the Sunday elimination games. After an obligatory win over Vychodni blok in the quarters we faced FUJ A again. We were aware that this time they were not going to give it to us so easily so we started hard from the very beginning. Soon we forced some turnovers and took an important lead 4:2, 6:3 and 8:4. Towards the end of the game we started to slow down though and FUJ took their chances. The game was over right on time to stop FUJ's comeback at 10:11. The semifinals cost us a lots of energy we needed to face the big 19-players' squat of Yellow Fever.
We started the finals with some unfortunate mistakes and soon were down 2 points. At 4:5 we came back to the game with our first break. Despite an ugly number of turnovers later in the game both offences were able to score their points. At 7:7 we had our biggest chance to take another break point and the lead. But an unforced drop in the endzone stopped our hopes. Yellow fever did not make any more errors and won 10:9.

[09.06.2010] - 5th open title, silver women!
We have won the open national title for the fifth time in row in the weekend 5.-6.6 2010.
The open nationals in Trebechovice pod Orebem were to be one of the most dramatic. We missed our "star" player Tomas and other two played with injuries and we knew this one was going to be tough.
Our Saturday games were far from perfect with lots of individual mistakes and lack of offensive flow. Despite that we managed to win our first two games. We were very closed to winning the third game against Terrible Monkeys too but we became overconfident after leading 11:7 and let them come back and tight the score at 12s (draw was possible in the pool games).
The Sunday semifinal was arguably the most dramatic one in the recent Devils history. Team FUJ, which we had beaten easily 15:9 the previous day, came up strong and took away our first three offences. We were down 1:4, 2:5 and 4:7. We finally managed to take some of our breaks before the half and lost the first half "just" 6:8. The playing time, however, was short and only 15 minutes were left after the halftime. We used this time fully to tight the score at 9s. We maintained our one point advantage to the 12:12 score when the time ran out. The last point saw two turnovers - our endzone drop and overexcited FUJ throwing away a deep shot for the game. Our second offensive bid was successful and we advanced to th finals. It is worth mentioning that FUJ made their impressive comeback too in the 3rd place game which they won after loosing 1:6.
We faced Terrible Monkeys again in the finals. Monkeys forced some of our mistakes and took an early lead 3:1. But we did not let things go too far this time and came back to the game immediately. The half was ours with 8:6 lead. Monkeys looked too tired in the second half with only 9 players left. That, together with our excitement and effort, let us secure the fifth consecutive title with the score 13:8. No Czech team has had 5 titles in a row so far but that does not mean we are not going to try and take another one next year. Special thanks comes to some of the players who got cut for the Sunday elimination games and kept supporting the team from the sideline.

Our women played with some young girls and were able to win all their round-robin games. Especially valuable was the win over the runners-up Velka Morava (indoor finalists). In the finals they met also undefeated Yellow Fever. Devils played an even game until the score 3:4 when Yellow fever took their important lead by three. We had a chance to come back to the at 9:11 but lost our offence. Yellow Fever kept their offensive confidence and won.

Both finals can bee seen in full lenght on

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