[11.05.2010] - Chrast 2010
The 15th edition of a traditional relaxed tournament in Chrast promised a lot: good field, parallel DDC tournament of mixed pairs, Saturday night theatre and lots of fun. Great weather through the whole weekend was an unexpected bonus.
Prague Devils had two teams in the game - young Devils and experienced Devils (masters over 30 years). The young team had some troubles in the pool as they lost Slovaks Mental Discorders (after loosing the 4:1 lead) and Yellow Fever. They won against the junior national team in the end of the day and kept the chance for quarter final alive. The first Sunday game of our young team was against Velka Morava - a mixed team preparing for the upcoming WUCC. In a very tight game they won 8:7 and thanks to some mutual wins and loses in their pool they advanced to the quarters - traditionally against the Devils-masters.
Experienced masters went through all the pool games without any remarkable issues and met their younger brothers (or possible sons in some cases) in the quarter final. The experience prove to be more valuable than the physical condition and the young team had to fight for 3rd place. This was against Prague Seven and young Devils won.
In the finals Devils-masters gained a two-point lead early in the game against Mental Discorders. Some atypical mistakes later caused Discorders to tight the score and even to be up one point. Devils were not able to come back until the very end of the game. They missed two chances to tight the score in the time cap and lost 8:10.
Prague Devils brought 2nd and 3rd place plus a valuable win in the Saturday beer race.

[19.04.2010] - The first qualifier in Malšice
The first qualifier for open nationals was held in Malšice near Tábor. Prague devils were the organisers plus we competed with two teams. The deal was to have stronger (A) and weaker (B) team in order to prepare better for the nationals. Some traditional A team players, however, helped the B team this tournament and both teams had 4 women on the roster.
The first game against almost-local Peace Egg saw very unfocused A team. Due to all organisation we did not find enough time for worming up and just did not have our heads in the game. Peace Egg, on the other hand, played their second game of the day. They were well pumped-up and virtually rolled over us in the first half taking the lead 5:2 and 10:6. That is when we woke up finally and started our comeback. Before the time ran out we were back on 10 all and another break gave us the first and the tightest victory of the weekend.
The rest of the day was much easier - partly because of our better focus in the beginnings of the games and partly because the easier opponents. 15:3 against Atruc from Pilsen, 15:4 with Hairy Block and 15:1 with B team of Prague FUJ.
The conditions on Sunday changed as a decent wind picked up. This was to our benefit. In the quatterfinals we met Peace Egg again, this time without one of their star players. We took the lead 5:0 soon and did not show any problems to finish the game successfully. The conditions were ideal to come up with our zone defence and neutralize the disadvantage of more women on the line.
Semifinal was against another southern team 3SB from České Budějovice. We took a fast lead but the rest of the game in strong wind was very even with lots of turnovers on both sides. We maintained the 3 points lead for the rest of the game and advanced to the finals.
Prakem zničíš, our challenger for the finals, is a mix of two traditional Prague teams Yellow Fever and Prague 7. They won the semifinals just by one point against Terrible Monkeys.
The first point of the final saw 4 turnovers on each side and we had to take our time-out to have a little chat about throwing and catching in the wind. An expected drop followed right after the time-out and this time Prakem zničíš scored. The rest of the game looked much more like ultimate. We scored with a nice downwind huck the next point and than forced some turnovers by out tight man defence to gain the lead 4:1. There were lots of hucks in the game as the teams did not want to risk loosing the disc by their endzones in the wind. The time was over when we were up 9:6 and after two more points we became winners of the tournament with the score 10:7.
Our B team missed Tomasek and Martin on Saturday and therefore did not fit in the quatterfinals. They won all the Sunday games though and became 9th.

[01.03.2010] - Czech open/women indoor nationals
Our A-team roster sent a clear message that we take our goal to defend the last year's title seriously. We started by beating the strongest opponents of the pool TIOS 14:9 and than winning the rest of the pool games without any issue.
The quarterfinal was against the winners of the recovery game winners FUJ. Despite loosing one player (Martin) due to injury we started fully focused on our game. Our defence manage to stop FUJ's offence early and we made sure to convert all our chances. With some additional inaccuracies of FUJ the final score of the game was suprising 17:4, arguably the biggest point difference of the weekend.
Our Prague rival Yellow fever, who had taken the mixed title form us some weeks ago, replaced some traditional A-team players for ultimate stars from Slovakia and so we expected to see them in the finals. Due to their pool game loss against Terrible Monkeys,the game took place already in the semi. There was a short tight beginning of the game with both teams trading the lead. But we soon managed to force some turnovers and earned a three-points lead which we comfortably maintained until the end of the game.
Our open final opponent was a Prague team Terrible Monkeys. Team which had been missing the finals for a few years came out strong and made the game worth watching. After loosing two offences early in the game they tightened their defence and came back immediately. Our team of only seven players seemed to get tired with the intensive man (monkey) defence. Not too tired, however, as we managed to win the national title 12:9.
The greatest surprise came at the award ceremony because we were voted the most spirited team of our division as well and could take home the most valuable DOUBLE.

Our women looked very strong in the pool games which they all won easily and were generally expected to play the finals. The bad news came in the quarterfinal against FUJ. With a comfortable lead through most of the game girls started to have problems towards the end. The excited FUJ women saw their chance and turned the result from 4:6 to 7:8. This only loss of the weekend sent PD women to the 5th place. There has been a great improvement of the young girls in last year and we are sure the team will come even stronger to the outdoor season.

PD open B-team had some great games against strong oponents and some not-so-great games against the weaker ones. With only 5-6 players they did what they could but did not get any higher than the last place.

[02.02.2010] - Mixed indoor nationals
The A team of Prague devils for this year's mixed indoor nationals consisted of 6 men and 4 women.
There were no issues during the pool games - the hardest opponent were Terrible Monkeys who we easily overplayed with a 5 points difference.
Despite the lower intensity of the Saturday games we lost two players (Jajes and Hera) due to injuries and had became quite a weaker team for the Sunday elimination games.
In the semis a very physical play was expected against FUJ. With a tight man defence on both sides the expectations were met and we only managed get our first break for 5:3. We added some more breaks later in the game and advanced to the finals against traditional rivals Yellow Fever.
Yellow Fever feels much better indoors and one could see they had already played on indoor tournaments this year. Our set of mistakes, however, helped them more than they needed to gain the lead 5:1. At that time we started to fight back, managed to make the game 8:10 with an offence on our side. But the important point was thrown away and the time ran out at 8:11, game to 12. Both teams then scored their offence and Yellow Fever became Mixed indoor chapions after a one year break.
Our B team had their ups and downs through the tournament but were unable to hold on the disc in the most important situations. Therefore they could not get any better place than last.

[14.12.2009] - Czech mix indoor championship preliminary
Our B team passed through a preliminary tournament to the Czech mix indoor championship in the mixed division

[23.11.2009] - Frisbeercup 2010
Frisbeercup 2010 will take place in late March in new gym complex at Radotín.
More info at tournament web page.

[01.07.2009] - Czech Open and Women Nationals
We did not show our best performance in the first day of the Czech Nationals. Despite a good-looking 14-men strong squad we did not avoid quite too many unforced mistakes and drops. We won all our Saturday games and finished first in the pool but the results were very tight - the tightest being the last game against Terrible Monkeys which we only managed to win by the last point 14:13.
Very well motivated was our semifinal opponent from České Budějovice 3SB who had advanced to the first league by beating Prague team FUJ on Saturday everning. After trading first few points our play started to click finally and we won easily 15:5.
The final was against Prague team Yellow Fever. After first 3 points (0:3) they forced us to take a Time out and start to focus on the game properly. After the TO we came back and the result of the first half was 7:8. By a very physical game we took the first 4 points of the second half all for ourselves - 11:8. We managed to maintain the three-points difference until the very end of the game and became 4th Czech open champions for the 4th time in a row.
The women final was between Prague Devils and Yellow Fever as well. Our women squad brought some new faces to the tournament and despite many inexperienced players managed to beat all other teams but Yellow Fever. Their re-match in the final was in the hands of very experienced girls from Yellow Fever and they could only take silver after loosing 4:15.

[08.06.2009] - 15 qualifying points from Odry
The second qualification tournament for the Czech open nationals took place 6.-7.6 2009 in Odry near Olomouc. Prague devils, like in the first qualifier, sent two teams. This time, however, the teams were divided more into "A" and "B" with two key players (Tomasek #22 and Hera #91) helping the "B" team.
Thanks to the B-team's weaker performance in the pool games the two teams did not meet in the quarterfinals nor in the semis where they both advanced. The hope for the clear PD final was tattered by FUJ who managed to beat the PD B-team in the semifinal. PD-B than finished fourth after loosing the Slovaks Outsiters.
The windy Final PD-A vs. FUJ was tight until the very end. After a first break most of the points were scored up the wind with PD breaking through the FUJ zone defense and FUJ beating PD men. In the end of the game Prague Devils took advantage of the tiredness of FUJ, who suffered from multiple injuries at the weekend, and Prague Devils won 10:8.
Taking the first and technically the third place (the Slovak team's placing does not count into the delivering of the qualification points) both Prague Devils teams earned together 15 qualification points and easily became the first seeded team for the nationals. The Czech open nationals will take place 20.-21.6. in Trebechovice pod Orebem. You will be able to watch the Sunday games LIFE on

[11.05.2009] - PD dominate in Chrast
Prague Devils sent two teams to one of the oldest and most entertaining tournaments organized by Terrible Monkeys in Chrast u Chrudimi. All Devils older than 30 played for PD Masters, the rest in the other team. Only one of the teams could have made it into the final as both met already in the semifinal. The experienced team won against the young one and PD Masters then defended their last year's title in a final game against a mixed pick-up team called Disctractor. The younger team took their bronze after a tight game against Slovakian Outsiters. PD Masters were awarded with the SOTG price (together with a team SPLT Reunion), the dominance of Prague Devils was confirmed by the results of the Saturday's beer race. First two placings were occupied by the Prague Devils teams, this time, however, it was the younger team which finished first.
The tournament in Chrast was a three-days event this year with 16 ultimate teams and a parallel DDC tournament.

[20.04.2009] - 1st qualification tournament 2009
The first of the two qualification tournaments for the Czech open nationals took place in the weekend of 18.-19.4. in Putim near Pisek.
We have sent two more or less equal squads to the tournament to earn as many qualification points as possible. Both squads faced each other in the Sunday morning quarterfinals and it was the squad named PD2 which advanced to the top four. After loosing the semifinals in sudden death against Terrible Monkeys they placed third, the other squad, PD1, placed fifth.
With both squads in the top five we have earned more points than we could have by winning the tournament with one squad and therefor we became the most successful team of the weekend.

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