[12.10.2007] - 4th place in the 1st CE MIXED championchip
To the first ever CentralEuropean mixed championchip we have decided to send a team without several key players and we let play the young fresh players in all games to get more experiences. As reliable handlers we had two american players Josh and Doug - this was their first tournament within their half year stay in Czech Republic. The tournament was hosted by a university team Frkot from Olomouc and took place 29.-30.9. in Slatinice near Olomouc. Most of the games were played on a juicy field surrounded by a decent district.
Despite of our weaker squad we managed to win all 5 Saturday games and advance to the quatterfinals from the first place in the pool. The Sunday quatterfinal was, however, our last succesful game with beating Terrible Monkeys quite clearly. In the semifinal we had to face Yellow Fever's well trained zone defence and due to the lack of experienced handlers we gave them the game almost for free. The 3rd place game was a rematch against team FUJ. After a quite tight and physical game we had to settle for a 4th place. The first CEL mixed champions became the Austrian Wunderteam, second place belongs to Yellow Fever and third are FUJ. More info about the tournament on

[10.10.2007] - HH cup 2007
There will be a traditional pickup tournament on October 27th at Strahov. Everyone is welcomed. Find more info here.

[27.08.2007] - 6th place in EUCR
We have showed an extraordinary shape in the European Ultimate Club Regionals in Norimberk 24.-26.8.2007. Although we did not qualify to the finals in Basel the 6th place - best from the CEL clubs - was a great succes. Beeing seeded in a very difficult pool (all the teams from the pool placed among first 6 teams) we had to fight for the recovery game. The key game for us was against austrian and CEL champions The BigEZ where both teams performed almost error-free game (two turn-overs on EZ side until the score of 11:10) and finally, after sveral years, we managed to beat our tradiotional CEL rival 15:13.
Our progress to the 5th place and the right to play the recovery game for the 4th place was stopped by Berlin team Wall City. We took the beginning of the game leading 4:0 but after several mistakes in the middle of the game we let the Berliners to come back and we lost 13:15.
More information on

[09.07.2007] - ATRUCUP 2007
While having a good fun we have won the 5th edition of Pilsen ATRUCUP.
Unfortunatelly the favorite of the traditionally prestigious beerrace remained unbeatable so we only managed to be 2nd (not confirmed oficially) behind 3SB from Budweis.

[02.07.2007] - Prague Devils have qualified for EUCR
We have placed 4th on the final tournament of the Central European League (CEL) and therefor qualified for the European Ultimate Club Regionals. This tournament (qualifier for the European Club Championchip in Basel) is going to take place 24.-26.8 in Nurenberg, Germany with teams from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Denmark.
We have decided our qualification already the first day of the tournament. After loosing our first game in the very end against Austrian Wunderteam we have clearly beaten Slovakian Mental Discorders and the finalist of the first CEL round - Austrian Flugsaurier and placed first in our pool. In the Sunday semifinal we were not able to keep the two points lead from the beginning of the game and have lost the Austrian champions The BigEZ. An unfortunate one point loss against Czech vicechampions FUJ (10:11) put us on the 4th place.

[24.06.2007] - MČR open & women 2007
During the weekend 23.-24.6.2007 we have become champions of Czech republic in category open for second year in the row when we have beaten team FUJ in finals. PD women managed to beat team ŽZ in finals and also became champions in their category. To these two awards PD women have added prestigious price Spirit of the game.

[28.05.2007] - 2. national series tournament (Grygov)
On the 2nd national series tournament in Grygov near Olomouce we were again beaten by FUJ in the finals so we took 2nd place and 7 points for national series finals.

[28.05.2007] - Rotterdam 2007
Our team came again to this reat tournament in Netherland. This year level of the tournament was brought up by representation teams from Switzerland, Italy and UK. We have managed to get 8th place as last year.

[28.05.2007] - 1. national series tournament (Písek)
On 1st national series tournament in Písek our teams managed to get 2nd a 6th place and its outcome is 9 points for national series finals.

[29.03.2007] - Winterleague 2007 - outdoor season opening
In the weekend 24.-25.3. we went to a traditional first outdoor tournament Winterleague in Vienna. The games were played on artificial grass in local hockey club - there were 4 smaller fields and teams played 5 on 5. The teams were spread into two pools - Pro and Open. Prague Devils played in more prestigious Pro pool and placed 5th after a succesful Sunday re-match against locals from Wunderteam.
For Prague Devils played both Lukas's, Frenkie, Pavel, Alex and Dr.Ed; in most of the games we appretiated the help of Kacerr (Yellow Fever) and Jerry (Terrible Monkeys).
More info about the tournament on

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