[18.02.2007] - Indoor nationals (mixed)
On this year indoor nationals we have taken 2nd place after we have been beaten by ŽZ1 team in very close match. This was a sweet revenge for ŽZ1 as we have beaten them last year in almost same manner.

[11.02.2007] - FrisbeerCup 2007

After a loss in group against slovakian team STORM (we went up from 2nd place), we have in a very dramatic match managed to beat german team Zamperl and in the finals win against another czech team TM. This is a second year in a row when we have won this oldest indoor tournament in Czech Republic.
As a part of this year's Frisbeercup there was a freestyle competition under the supervision of the World's number one freestyler Tom Leitner. His review of the event including a video is available LINK>|here|

[15.01.2007] - Indoor natioanls (open + women)
After last year loss against ŽZ in both categories we did not let any accidents to happen and we again become indoor champions of Czech Republic in category open and women. To these winings our women also add prestigious price - The Spirit of the game.

[14.12.2006] - Frisbeercup 2007 - registration is open
You can register your team to Frisbeercup 2007 now. Find details at tournament pages.

[21.11.2006] - Frisbeercup 2007
Yes, Devils will organize traditional indoor tournament on 10th of February.
We'll send invitation to Eurodisc mailing list and maybe publish on this page a few days in advance. If you want to register your team, please wait for the invitation.

[23.10.2006] - succesful season good-bye
On a weekend 21.-22.10. we took part in a traditional hungarian tournament in Kimle which is the last outdoor tournament of the year in the region. After last year's defeat in the finals we managed not only to survive the huge amount of hot wine on the fields on Saturday but also to win the tournament. 12 teams from out of 5 european countries competed on "The show must go on 2006, Kimle" with following results:
1. Prague Devils
2. Jackxon 7 (AUT - Upsa Daisy+Wunderteam)
3. Terrible Monkeys
4. Whoever
5. Outsiterz
6. Mental Discorders
7. Hallodigaz-e?
8. FUJ
9. HUT (AUT)
10. Frizmi (Slovinsko)
11. LOL (HU)
12. UFÓzd (HU)

Just a reminder: the very last tournament of the outdoor season for czech players takes place this Saturday 28.10.2006 in Strahov, Prague.

[03.10.2006] - Coed National Championship 2006
23.-24.9. there was 3rd national coed outdoor championship in Předboj. After a lost by one final point in the windy weather to ŽZ, PD have again proven to be the vice champions of the Czech republic.

[28.08.2006] - EUCC qualification - missed by only one point
After a year without special preparation for the CEL torunaments we accidentaly got to the qualification tournament in Norimberk for European Club Championship in Italy. As we were suprised by this we were only 9 going to the tournament with no great expectation. After a lucky 2nd place in the group (thanks to Fruhsport who came late to the tournament), we have easily beaten the oponent in cross match and got ourselves to the top 8. Then we were playing against our traditional Austrian rival BigEz (they brought an army of 18+ players). After a suprinsing (for us) start of the game (we won halftime 8:4) we get ouself to the edge of going to the top 4. But with the greate defense of the BigEz we were not able to score the mystical 15th point (we had something like 4 match points) and the game was played till seventeen. The final score was the closest as it can be: We have lost 16:17. This match has cost us a lot of strenght so we finaly end at 8th place.

[27.06.2006] - Natiaonal Championship (Open & Women)
After final match against 4Fingers Prague Devils became champions of Czech republic in prestigious open category. Devils women took second place and therefore are vice-champions in their category.

[18.06.2006] - Straškov '06
Information to Czech Championship is available at tournament page

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