[02.06.2006] - Rotterdam '06
Finally we got ourselves together for a big international tournament and went to a traditional 4-days tournament in Rotterdam.
After geting better through the whole tournament, playing in rain and wind, swimming in mud and enjoying the sun too we placed 8th out of 21 teams which is probably the best standing of any Czech team attanding Rotterdam tournament.

[09.05.2006] - Chrast 2006
After a long time Prague Devils won an ultimate "double" - first place on a tournament + SOTG. We managed that on a 10th anniversary of the traditional Czech tournament in Chrast. Prague Devils won all games including two difficult and very even matches against Four Fingers - one in the pool and one in the finals of the tournament.
Our "B" team "Pondělní Detox" placed 13th out of 16 participating teams.
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[28.03.2006] - HM ČR Mix 2006
4.-5.3. there was traditional national coed indoor championship in Ústí nad Labem. PD have again won this tournament. After group matches, where our closest score was against P7 (12:9), by beating NK team from Chomutov we finally got into the finals. After wery close game we have won the tournament when we have beaten ŽZ1 with our closest score (14:13) in whole tournament.

Our second team took beautiful 9th place.

[28.03.2006] - HM ČR Open + Women 2006
28.-29.1.2006 there was national indoor chamionship in Chomutov (category women and open). There was 10 teams in open and 5 teams in women category.PD have taken 2nd place in both kategories when both teams were beaten by ŽZ.

[20.02.2006] - FrisbeerCup 2006:

SPIRIT of the GAME: Wunderteam

1. PD
2. Zamperl
3. BigEZ
4. Wunderteam
5. Yellow fever
6. Halodigaze
7. Terrible monkeys
8. Prague 7
9. Outsiters
10. Spin
11. RJP Squad Warsaw
12. Prague Lions

[29.12.2005] - Frisbeercup 2006
We host traditional indoor tournmanet in February. The registration is open now, more info at tournament pages.

In the weekend Seprember 3rd-4th there were the open and women nationals taking place in a village called Rosice u Chrasti. Open team Prague Devils managed to beat all their oponents but team FUJ, who they had chance to play twice but lost both of the games. After a final result 8:13 we placed 2nd. This years winners are FUJ who also won the Spirit of the game - CONGRATULATIONS!
The Prague Devils women did unfortunatelly not repeat last years victory. After a heard breaking one-point loose in the semifinals they "only" managed to win a nice 3rd place. First were women from Yellow Fever, second Prague 7 and fourth Terrible Monkeys.

The first games of this year's European Ultimate Club Championchips start on Sunday July 3rd. The bigest european tournament of the year lasts for whole week and finishes on Saturday July 9th with the finals of all divisions. Also some of the players of Prague Devils will take part on the event. Six male players will play for Terrible Monkeys from Prague (, three female players will play for Hot Beaches from Prague ( and one player will play for a favorite team from London - Clapham ultimate ( Last edition of European Ultimate Club Championchips took place in 2001 in Prague. More information and up-to-date results you can find on

Although the news are getting a bit boring here there is no reason not to announce another title for Prague Devils. In the weekend 12.3.-13.3.2005 the Czech indoor mixed championchips took place in the city of Usti nad Labem. The last major indoor tournament of the season was suprisingly tied, there was a moment when four teams from three Czech cities could play the finals. However with a bit of luck and heaps of will it was our team who played the finals with a very perspective team ATRUC from Pilsen. Since we had lost them already on Saturday we played with full respect but with no fear. Therefor we managed to come back from a bad score of 1:4 in the beginning and after a tied middle part of the game we finally took advantige in the end and won the final with score 12:9. There were three (relatively) new players in our squad for who this was a first tournament in their lifes and they appeared to be full-value members of the team.

[02.02.2005] - Winners in open again
Next year, next indoor season and PD are champions again. After opening close wining match against ATRUC comes loss with ŽZ and PD proceeded to semifinals from second place in group. In semifinals they defeated TM 1 in very close match and finally get their revenge by defeating ŽZ in final match.

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