[23.09.2003] -

Czech national MIXED team, part of which were five players of Prague Devils too, won the first official medal for czech ultimate in Europen Ultimate Championchips in Fontenay-le-Comte, France. After a tough 15:17 loose aginst Great Britain in semifinals the Czech team played for a bronze medal against Switzerland and won 16:7 after a 9:0 halftime. All results can be found on

Czech national MIXED team took 12.-13.7. part of a Slovakian tournament RED STONE in a village Casta which is a part of CEL (Central European League) siries. The Czechs had there the first opportunity to play head to head against an Austrian national team which also takes part in the Eouropean ultimate championchips in France. Czech team won the tied match in the very end - the final result after cap was 10:8 (in the end of the time the Czech team was loosing 7:8). After this match the Czech national team took third place in final standigs of the tournament. Next match against Austrians and a match against Germans will take place in Celakovice CEL tournament 9.-10.7. ( Five members of Czech national MIXED team are Prague Devils┬┤ players.

[14.07.2003] - AtruCup 2003
The first weekend of July there was a first edition of Atruc´s ultimate Cup held in Losná near Pilsen. We put two equal teams in to let all players to have inough of the game. We had called one team "Prague Devils B" which later appeared to be a good choise because this team lost the Sunday PD derby.
The winners of the tournament were Terrible Monkeys, one half of Prague Devils was second, "B team" was fourth.
The tournament took place in a beautiful complex with a pub and swimming pool wich we accidently could not use inough due to a cold and cloudy weather. Nice parts of Saturday everning party were a big beerrace (including a swimming in the pool) and a concert of three Pilsner rock bands. Hopefully this tournamrnt will be held next year too - with a better weather and more teams. You can find results and some pictures from the tournament on

[09.07.2003] - Trainings during holidays
We train only Wednesdays on different place during holidays. See section Training for details.

[08.07.2003] - CHAMPIONS AGAIN!!!
After five years long break, on Sunday June 22nd we became the Czech ultimate champions again. Czech ultimate frisbee championchips took place in Olešnice (near Budweiss). To get the title we needed to beat three teams: Yellow Fewer, Terrible Monkeys and FUJ. Due to a tournament format we didn´t have the honor to play the Monkeys and we played FUJ twice instead - once on Saturday and second time on the Sunday´s final. The second match appeared to be much harder than the first one, among others because one of the key players had to leave the field after several points due to a knee injury. We won the though match leading by two points.

[19.05.2003] - 1st "GRANDFATHER ─îECH" MEMORIAL
On a weekend 17.-18.5. we have organised the first edition of an ultimate tournament in Straškov - Vodochody. Dispite of the lack of teams (8), the tournament ran without any important complications. This was due to a great help of the people of Straškov (they were all under influence of our player and Straškov citisen Jájes) and due to a kind weather which didn´t spoil the tournament with a rain (although it looked like all the time..). Our OPEN team didn´t loose a game and won the tournament, our MIXED team placed fifth. All results and hopefully some shots too you will find here. Thanx all the teams that came and we are looking forward to host some teams from abroad the next year.

[05.05.2003] - Tournament at Straškov
We host next tournament - May 17th-18th.
Detailed information at tournament website.

[21.04.2003] - WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!
After a tough battle we have beaten Terrible monkeys in an OPEN final of Czech indoor championchips, 12.-13.4.2003 in Chomutov. Our team in MIXED division placed fourth.

[07.02.2003] - INTELIGENT
┼át─Ťp├ín is kING. Congratulations.
We drank enough in Belzepubu to celebrate it.

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