eventplaceteam members
HMČR Chomutov open (ČR)2./10papa, med2, lukasF, hera, lukasK, mathes, mojža
HMČR Chomutov woman (ČR)2./5maruska, lucinka, KK, janasek, kindji
Frisbeer Cup (ČR)1./12me2d, tomasek, nahur, dred, lukasF, marketa, KK, hera, lukasK
Yellow Submarine (ČR)3./14lukasF, marketa, stepan, marek, jarda, lukasK, kindji
HMČR mix A team (ČR)1./10papa, me2d, lukasF, tomasek, jita, dred, marketa, KK, jajes, hera
HMČR mix B team (ČR)9./10helltscha, marek, kuba, mathes, janasek, lukasK, mojza
SandSplash (AUT)15./16hera, marek, pavel, jarda, mathes, janasek, kindji
Chrast A team (ČR)1.+spirit/16tomasek, mezo, dred, me2d, lukasF, hera, nahur, bida, jarda, KK, janasek
Chrast B team (ČR)13./16mathes, stepan, lada, pavel, mojza, marek, tomas, kindji, martja
Rotterdam (NL)8./21mezo, me2d, nahur, dred, lukasF, KK, stepan, hera, jarda, mathes, lukasK
Letajici Hradec (ČR)2./8ucinka, pavel, lukasK, mojza, alex
MČR Straskov open (ČR)1./8mezo, me2d, tomasek, nahur, dred, lukasF, frankie, bida, stepan, hera, pavel, jarda, mathes, tomas
MČR Straskov women (ČR)2./5marketa, lucinka, KK, jajes, helltscha, janasek, kindji
Bud's easy ride (ČR)3./10me2d, tomasek, nahur, dred, lukasF, frankie, marketa, KK, hera, mojza
AtruCup (ČR)1./8mezo, me2d, dred, frankie, KK, hera, kindji, pavel, lukasK
EUCR Norimberk (DE)8./16 (2. místo CEL)me2d, nahur, dred, lukasF, frankie, hera, mojza
Atruc Beach (ČR)2./8me2d, nahur, lukasF, frankie, KK, hera
MČR Predboj mix (ČR)2./8me2d, jita, lukasF, frankie, marketa, lucinka, KK, jajes, hera, pavel, lukasK, martja
Kimle (HU)1./12me2d, dred, lukasF, frankie, KK, hera, helltscha, pavel, lukasK, martja, alex
Wrote about us:
after EUCR in Norimberk:
„...The only real surprise coming out of the pre-quarters was the Prague Devils who finished second in their group because of the Koln forfeit they received. Not wanting to disappoint, they faced CEL champion, a large Big EZ squad from Vienna. This had to be the game of the tournament. The Devils, well drilled by their captain and team mate who currently plays with Clapham but lives and trains in Prague, came out firing. They sliced through the loose EZ zone with ease racing out to a 8-5 lead at the half. The Devils continued to go into the lead, moving out to a commanding 14-9 game point lead. Suffice it to say the EZ squad was reeling and disoriented, but took a timeout and resolved to get back into the game. The EZ men tightened their zone and created turn after turn against the small 9-man Devil squad. EZ marched back and although the Devils got close to the goal on a number of occasions, they were unable to punch the final goal home. EZ persevered and managed to come back and tie up the match at 14. Finally the Devils put one in to take a 15-14 lead, but EZ matched again to move to 15 all. Both teams scored and EZ pulled to the Devils. An amazing layout D block got EZ the disc back and EZ moved resolutely down the field to score the winning goal and move into the semi-finals against rival Feldrunner. ...„